Music Unlimited has provided “Themed” music for specific shows. Kevin Clark has an extensive library of music, and is an experienced arranger, and the music repertoire can be shaped to ensure the success of the evening.

 Theme events have included:

"A Night in New Orleans"
The Dixie Dudes at the Flamingo. New Orleans Dixieland style music.

"Wartime memories."
Trio with vocalist. A large private function –nostalgia music from the 1940s, Vera Lyn, Glenn Miller etc.

"The Americans at McKays Crossing."
Quartet. At Pataka Porirua Arts and Cultural Centre, celebrating the American "Occupation" at Queen Elizabeth Park.

"Remember the Sixties – From Brubeck to Bacharach."
Quartet with vocalist. A show at the Mana Little Theatre. Everything from Bossa Nova to the Beatles, Sound of Music, Sandy Shaw, Lulu, Country and Western etc.

"A Night in Rio"
Los Gringos with vocalist. At the Chateau.

"An Afternoon in Seville"
Government House. This entailed arranging Spanish hits for the group.

"An Afternoon in Provence"
Government House, with the Wellington Vector Orchestra. Arrangements of French tunes sung by Fran Barton.

"An Afternoon in Vienna"
Government House, with the Wellington Vector Orchestra. Arrangements of Viennese tunes with a jazz flavour sung by Fran Barton.

"Sing-Song Evenings"
Solo piano-at several Bowling clubs. Song sheets- old time songs.

"The Eyes Have It"
Ophthalmologists conference dinner. Tunes involving eyes- Them there Eyes, Dark Eyes, Brown Eyes Blue, Star Eyes, etc etc.

"New York"
Musical quiz for the Capital Performing Arts Society-tunes with references (some very obscure) to New York.

"Music of the Century"
Quintet with vocalist. A large prestigious Millennium event. Costume changes by Fran Barton to reflect the various eras - from Music Hall to the Flappers, the Forties, etc through to Disco and hits by Ricky Martin.