Kevin, I can't thank you, Fran, Colin and the rest of Los Gringos enough for the contribution you made to the success of the afternoon. The crowd just loved your playing and you set the scene so magnificently...

Christine Pearce, General Manager, Wellington Sinfonia (Vector Orchestra)

This vibrant recording is first class, with appeal way beyond simply the jazz fan.


…the ideal gig for this accomplished Latin American group would be at a nightly venue at the Festival of the Arts…. the worlds great dance music, played with intelligence, fire, passion and finesse, and the scene would become legend

- NZ Evening Post, 24 June 1999

…check out one man’s truly global vision

-, Canada


…the musicianship throughout was nothing short of excellent… Kevin’s trumpet, Flugelhorn and piano playing was immaculate...


- Weekend Sun, Tauranga NZ


This CD could become a collectors item… this is the contemporary equivalent of the way European composers handled the dance music of Hungary, Slovenia and France, but with more improvisation and far more creative rhythms.


- Dominion Post, 6 December 2002

This album needs a much wider audience than New Zealand can provide.

- NZ Musician, Feburary 2002

This album for me, would be a beautiful accompaniment to a lovely weekend dinner with friends and wine… it deserves so much more recognition and publicity. It could be huge.

- Hawkes Bay Today, March 2003

The musical inspiration for this group comes from Kevin Clark, whose flugelhorn and piano are now bywords in New Zealand jazz. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin Clark is one of our finest musicians and knows exactly what he is doing.

- The Listener

The second half was a stunning set from Los Gringos, a seven piece ensemble now recognised as New Zealand’s premier Latin jazz ensemble…… the players brought a vibrancy and tonal colour to the stage that filled the theatre with infectious joy.

- Manawatu Evening Standard, June 2004

The Wellington International Jazz Festival Trust appreciates the efforts that you made to produce a high quality show that had a wide appeal. The concert was exciting from beginning to end...

- Simon Bowden, Chairman